Friday, October 5, 2012

At Work

If you have never watched rice being harvest you might enjoy this, a little shaky but still fun to watch

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  1. We planted oats when I was 5 but I do not remember how they threshed them. They put them in burlap 'toe' sacks. Mom was in the barn un-sacking them while Dad tossed the bags in through a window. They had big heavy grain boards along the walls. Mom got behind and the sacks stacked up on the board and pushed it over on her. She walked on it three days before going to the doctor to have it x-rayed. I barely remember her in a cast. I had long hair that had never been cut but Dad had no patience then it came to putting it up in a tail. He took me to the barber shop doe my first hair cut. I found that hair in Mom's ceder chest when we started going through stuff.

    I have seen the threshing crews moving from field to field. 5 or 6 of them in a row. This is the first tome I have ever seen one actually up close. It is amazing how they can turn a square corner!

    Is that a wind chime I hear or something on the thresher?