Friday, March 4, 2011

Six Things

Angel and Kirby of A Wizard and Angel tagged us, Baby and Jake in a meme 6 things about us.
1-Baby like his treats on top of the freezer
2-Baby likes to play out in the back yard, he can't get out
3-Baby likes to snuggle in bed with us at night
4-Baby talks too much
5-Baby likes to bite my toes when they are under the covers
6-Baby is the sweetest cat ever
1-Jake was adopted
2-Jake is a inside-outside cat
3-Jake can be mean
4-Jake eats jerky he loves human dads jerky
5-Jake likes to sleep with Stephanie when she come for a visit
6-Jakes bed time ritual-human takes him out-he stops and eats a few bites*he goes to the freezer and stretches*he goes a few steps farther and washes his face* then he is ready to go outside!


  1. THose are funny and weird. Thanks for playing and sharing/

  2. That was fun - I am glad you participated!