Saturday, December 12, 2009


This may seem like a strange blog to you but I feel everyone should know; I send flowers and fruit baskets a lot for Christmas because most older people have everything, normally we send, we forget, we never know what shows up unless someone sends a picture, my sister did just that I could not believe what was delivered to her for a price of 60.00, I called the on line florist I used and complained, they talked to the shop in Tenn. who told them they sent the exact ones I ordered,well I sent the company the picture and they could not believe so therefore they will use another florist and she will get the correct flowers which was a beautiful arrangement with candy canes in it. My point is if you send something like that make sure the person gets what you paid for.
How they were supposed to look:
What was delivered:


  1. That is so sad that the first delivery was not what you ordered and paid for. It was good your sister sent you a picture. I am happy that the issue is being resolved. I will remember to takd pictures of gifts received so I can let the sender see what they got.

  2. The last time I ordered flowers online, they were delivered in a box with instructions on how to put them in the vase. I will never do that again! Now, I call the florist direct in whatever town I want the flowers to be delivered at. I've had much better luck that way.