Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just another warning, stupid me sent flowers again, 69.04 looked like crap, really make sure people get what you paid for this is not good, one I sent through Teleflora the other FTD. I guess the order does not get sent correctly paid 3.50 extra for a card that was not there. I have learned maybe to just call a local florist in the town they are going to, which I did for a order going out on the 22nd, see if it is any better, what a waste of money.


  1. HI I love your blog, especially the pics of the felines they are lovely.

    I have my own blog about my two furry friends.


  2. That's a shame you got ripped off on the flowers.

    Whenever Gerard sent me flowers, they were always beautiful!

  3. It still amazes me how some companies think they can get away with things like this! We are sorry it happened again. Did you get any help from the company on this one?