Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blog Your Blessings

Here it is Sunday again and I feel blessed that my blog did good for several years but I feel it is dying can anyone help? Cats and dogs that is about all I blog about and you must be tired of that so give me a clue what you would like to see from this neck of the woods and I will stay on otherwise I think my blog is finished. I can't just do it for myself anymore I want to know people enjoy it.


  1. I enjoy visiting and looking at your photos. Maybe you just need a little break and it will be fun again?

  2. I enjoy your blog! I enjoy the pictures of your rice fields, local fairs and beautiful skys. I only blog about my cats and have cut back to two or three days a week. I wish I could do more, but just can't come up with creative things. Just pictures of Baby, Wild cat, Leo and your other kitty that I can not remember the name (shame on me). I agree with Daisy, take a break, but don't leave forever. I enjoy your emails. Not all of us get lots of comments. That does not mean that a lot of people do not stop by and read our blogs.

    Cat blogging is my connection to the world. I miss amd morn each and every person that leaves.

  3. I think your blog is delightful. I don't comment that often but I love your pictures. Maybe you need a little blogcation, or a less rigorous schedule. Purrs

  4. We could lose this star of the animosphere? Perish the thought! We need blogs of this calibre.

    I firmly believe that a good nap is all you need. Take a nice, long one and then come back. High Paw to you!

  5. Redhead12:51 PM

    I enjoy your blog and your photos, I have been reading it a long time. It seems like many people are giving up on updating their blogs, at least so often, but I check all of them regularly even so. Don't stop!


  6. I love your blog and really enjoy looking at your pictures. I don't have a lot of time to comment lately, the kids are sucking up all of my time.