Thursday, August 20, 2009

Icky Snake

I think this is what he saw out the door, icky snake.


  1. AAAaaaahhhh! SNAKE!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot, I just got goosebumps all over my arms.

  3. My daughters caught one about 3 years ago and he is their pet. They named him Hiss. By the way, he loves fish.

  4. Ughhhhh snake bad!! I don't care what kind!!

    We have a big pond and also live out with a huge field behind us.

    So we have to watch for copperheads, water moccasins and rattlers.

    I don't see a rattler on his tail but his under belly sort of looks like it has diamonds on it.

    Cats are natural predators for snakes. But, a snake this big poisonous or not could really hurt a cat.

    Ewwww....we just don't do snakes here...we shoot them!!

    My neighbor had a copperhead in her backyard just last week. oh please do be careful.

    Wow you were close to get that picture. Please take care!!


  5. I despise them. Found one on my kitchen floor a few months ago after I had left my door open. The scariest thing I've had happen in a while.