Monday, August 24, 2009

The Works

I most always post about my cats but I found this product and have to tell you just how good it is,We don't normally sit around and talk about our bath rooms but every person has one and someone has to clean them, a job I don't like. The works is the best product I have ever used, we live in the country, have well water and it is hard so you can imagine, well maybe not if you live in town, I cleaned the toilet, dropped the works in the tank and it is staying sparkling clean it says it will last up to eight week, mine has only been in two and the results are great,they also have a spray cleaner but our local Walmart does not have it but as soon as I can find it I will try it. This may all sound dumb but if you try it I am sure you will be just as amazed as I am. I am not a paid blogger so this is just something I wanted to share because I found it so great.


  1. We live in teh city, but know about hard water! Do you have a septic system? Is this product safe for it? You are right, we all have bathrooms and never talk about, except when we spend weeks remodeling them!


    we do have a septic system and as far as it says it is safe

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Next time I go shopping I will look for this.