Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fighting Autism

This was wrote by a lady who met my nieces son in Tenn.Help if you can

I met a 22 year old boy yesterday. His eyes were so dreamy and would capture a mother's soul on canvas. In fact, if it weren't for his awkwardness and lack of social understanding - he could have been Elvis in another place and time.

As a parent, I fell in love with him as if he were my son...I watched him amble like my boy does...At times, he could fool you with his mature appearance, (facial hair, height, deep voice...). But, I would catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye and then helplessly stop himself from stimmin. He would flap and skip as we moved along...(We were at the zoo as a group of parents just trying to let our children have normal fun...)

His mother told me that they have been let down with disappointment. They live far out on the outskirts of our town. Too far, in fact, to access what few opportunities we have for services here. They cannot find employment for him. She said Obama has let them down because there were supposed to be better provisions for help. The father works in a trade that doesn't have many opportunities to relocate. Why is this happening? Because the general public fails to see what an opportunity they are losing in this young man. He is sensitive and was tickled that I even remembered his name later that day.

He wants to please, he wants to grow up - like all other young adults, he wants to be appreciated. Folks, this is our son! I cry as I write these words...This boy doesn't deserve to amble around and lose his chances to become a productive supportive citizen that can contribute to the growth of his small town. Instead, people turn their backs and allow him to become dependent to whatever crumbs are available - connected to the state of the economy, etc. We have to stop waiting on the media to reach out and explain our circumstances.

Most of us want our children to be as independent as they are capable of being. Please consider becoming an active part of our upcoming meetings. You may not agree with all of our ideas, but we're doing our children a BIG injustice by remaining passive - focusing on our own lives, difficult as they may be. Scrambling just to help our own and ignoring our kids collectively is the same mistake outsiders are making as they continue to neglect us all.

PLEASE - pass this message to others, Grandparents, friends, relatives, therapists, teachers - we're ALL responsible! Thanks for considering...(If you do nothing at all and one day see one of ours under a bridge - don't look around for blame...)

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  1. As a grandparent of an autistic grand son i understand. having him stay in my house for 10 days with his older brother was a treat. He is starting to come out of his shell with close family and we got to see the new side of him!