Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Name This Bird

Here is the story, my friend is the biggest animal lover I have ever met whether it be dogs, cats, goats, pigs, birds, ducks or any thing anyone drops off. This is her recent purchase this beautiful pink bird now the problem is we need to find a name for this "pink young man." Her first though was prince charming because he is a charmer so I said why not PC for short then she said why not sue, you know a boy named sue then on Pogo someone had just got a bird and named it Plinko so if the bird was yours what would you name it? She just need a few ideas, maybe if she picks your name you will get a surprise from northern California. I will be gone for a few days so when I get back I will see if you left a name for us.


  1. I like the name "PC". It's cute that it's short for Prince Charming, but fewer syllables-- important for naming a pet.

  2. He is pretty. I am lousy at naming animals. Therefore I like PC, too!

  3. He's a gorgeous color!
    Does he talk? If so, he could be called Jeeves. When someone has a question, then you say "Ask Jeeves!"

  4. LUCKYLADY11:01 AM

    how about chance? he does get another chance or sky short for skylar has pretty
    colors like the sky before the sun goes down.


  5. For some reason Peaches keeps coming to mind when I look at him. Peachie would work, too.

  6. Aw, what a cute birdie! He kind of looks like a watermelon. :)

    How about Fred. Haha. I love people names for pets...

    Or Squeak or Squawk (to match his mohawk!).

  7. Liberace, don't know why just reminds me of Liberace :)

  8. I'd say Scarlett but alas she is a how bout Redd as in 'Rhett Butler.'

    A little trivia to go with your bird?

    "The character of Rhett Butler was partially inspired by Mitchell's husband nicknamed "Red", to whom she had a short and passionate marriage. Rhett Butler's initials on the handkerchief given to Melanie by Belle are "R.B." or "R.K.B." in the novel, which were the same as Red's- only rearranged.

    If that doesn't tickle your amigo's plume, 'Flamingo' is a catchy moniker, (Flame) for short, [Portuguese Flamengo or Spanish Flamenco or Flemming].

    Above Rhett Butler info, credit to:

    There's just so many tempting names one can think of. In truth though I'm partial to 'Pinkerton.' Whatever the choice..I am sure he will wear it well..handsome, handsome, handsome bird!

    By the way did I mention what a handsome fella he is?

  9. Oops..I forgot 'Mister Pink Stuff,' in the abovwe post..sorry for double posting.

  10. Oh my I am terrible at naming my own pets.

    I always start out with one and wind up changing it later.

    I'll have to give this a little more thought.

  11. Still thinking here. We named ours Captain Jack. but, I know that doesn't go with his colors.

    Skylar and Jeeves are good names too.

    Told you I was lousy at!!:-)

  12. I like Sqwak--assuming he makes noises.