Monday, June 1, 2009

I Won a Book

This will be hard because I have been told I can not write in proper English, that is why my blog is mostly pictures so bare with me and please read.
I won the book ,"My Funny Dad Harry."

One day as I was searching blogs I ran across Harry and for some reason I loved the blog,maybe Harry reminded me of someone or maybe he was just so unique in his own way.What ever the reason I marked it and later put it in my side bar so I could check it when ever I wanted, I could have bought the book but my eye sight is bad and I have not read a book for years, the last book was on tape,Bridges of Madison county and I also did not stop until it was finished the same day.When Karen started the contest I thought I will win it and I did.I can not say who would like the book but I can say I enjoyed every word in it, he was awesome wish he could have been my dad. Harry was a good father to his only child and his three foster children, he loved cats and I think he was one of a kind, if you love people or if you have an ageing relative you should read,MY FUNNY DAD HARRY, you will laugh,cry and say oh my gosh I don't believe that. Go here, read a bit and then order and share with someone else on a scale of one to ten I give this book a ten.Good job Karen and I know Harry would be proud of you. Right Where We Belong


  1. Congratulations on winning the book. I would not worry about the words on your blog. Many of us struggle to write in proper English. Dyslexia has been my burden all my life, even before they had a name for it. I struggle with the written word and the fear that I am going to look or sound stupid. You wrote a lovely post. I am sorry your eyesight is bad because we know the pleasure a good book can bring!

  2. Thanks so much for this nice review of my book! I'm so glad you liked it and really appreciate your posting about it on your blog. You made my day!

  3. Thanks to my blog my writing skills have improved but they are still far away from being proper English. Don't get me wrong I enjoy you pictures a lot but I love reading blogs and I am happy you finally wrote something on a post. I will visit the site you are suggesting.

    p.s. Please write some more, even if it is about your cats. (((Hugs)))

  4. Congratulations on winning the book! And I think your writing is fine.

  5. I am a first time visitor, and love your photos.... don't worry about your English; there are many who struggle to write for one reason or another. Your heart comes through in your photos and the little bit you do write down. I hope you continue to write though; I enjoyed reading you!

    I shall be back; as a pet owner of three cats, a dog, and lover of all animals, I really enjoy your blog and will be back.

    All the best from Canada!