Saturday, June 6, 2009


Another shot of the new babies which I need to find homes for and wild mom needs to be caught and fixed, that should be fun. Sometimes I wonder what kind of people just drop their animals out in the country not knowing if they ever find a home. Have you ever thought about how they treat their children.


  1. It makes me very upset when people just drop off their animals to fend for themselves. Taking in a pet is a lifetime responsibility! You are kind to help the bebbehs out.

  2. people that do that discust me.

  3. That is sad. My Mom lives in the country and gets strays all the time!

  4. I'm sorry to say but I am one of the folks you would be mad at. You see, my neighbor has more cats than I can count and she just lets them have all the babies they want to. The cat's come over and use our yard for their litter box and after so long the repeated applications of phosphorous (in their urine)damages/kills our shrubs and plants.

    I have spoken to my neighbors about the problem but nothing has ever changed. I had no choice but to buy a live animal trap and start hauling them far away.

    I own a cat as well but when she goes outside we stay out with her and then bring her back in. If only our neighbors were as responsible.

  5. Such cute kittens! Is there any way for you to get the kittens and bring them in so they get used to people? I recently was able to do this with a cat I've been feeding in my office parking lot for the past couple years. Now she's spayed and all her kittens are ready for happy forever homes! It's such a fulfilling thing to do.

    And to Rebecca who commented above me: How in the world can you just haul off someone's pets and drop them off defenseless? There are better ways to deal with things. You wouldn't want someone to drag your children off because they kept stepping on the neighbors lawn would you?

    (Sorry for the cranky second half of my comment. Too much of an animal person to not respond.) :)

  6. LUCKYLADY10:18 AM

    I do hope to catch and get momma cat fixed and find homes for the babys we have tryed to be her friend but she really wants no part of us just leo the dog and they are best of friends,strange I know but he loves the babies also

  7. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry6:08 PM

    A great book is "A Dog's Life--An Autobiography of a Stray" by Ann M. Martin that tells what poor animals left on their own go through. You are doing a wonderful thing by trying to find the kittens homes AND getting that mom cat fixed.

    I agree with Your Daily Cute about Rebecca--trapping and hauling away someone's pets is very mean, I guess it's better than shooting them.

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  9. We wish you much luck finding homes for the little ones. As sad as it is that people would just drop them off, they are probably safer than if those kinds of people kept them. Not sure but it makes me feel better.

  10. what kind of people. the ones that doesnt care. when the neighbor's daughter gets a cat, they want it too but cant handle it. poor things.