Monday, April 27, 2009

Leo's House

This was Leo's house but the Wildcat had her babies in his house now she will not let him back in, this is the truth I would have took a picture of the kittens but she would move them and the wind is really blowing hard, kinda hard to believe a big ole lab listens to a little ole cat, guess women win in the end. lol


  1. Leo, you are a gentleman and a hero. Giving up your house for a mama and her babies! Purrs to you and the kitty family!

  2. So you see by letting the cat stay in the house, it is leo who has won! :)


  3. What a nice house Leo has. He's such a good dog to let the cat borrow it for her kitties. He looks pretty content laying on that bench!

  4. Sounds to me like Leo's house has been foreclosed by the cat.