Saturday, November 29, 2008


Tucker, the grandson, ask why great g-ma and g-pa did not come for thanksgiving, his aunt told him because they get tired easy and its along drive, he said to tell them to get some red bull, the aunt said Tucker you can't give red bull to a 94 year old man and 87 year old woman and his reply was guess not! Just a thanksgiving funny.


  1. Maybe not a redbull but you should have tried a Monster. lol

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Oh, one thing I noticed is that the g-son is of driving age or close to it. Maybe he can come and visit the g-pas.

  2. lol that was funny!

    happy thanksgiving ^_^

  3. Red Bull for Grandmom!! Ha ha ha...You've got me laughing on Sunday morning in the Roxiticus Valley, New of course you and your grandson have my Battle of the Blogs vote. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


  4. LOL! Yeah, that might have been a bad idea! ;o)
    What a cute young man he is!

  5. tucker is a GREAT name!! like that a lot!! and what a cutie!

    i love that he asked about the great grandparents. and how lucky you all are to have them in your lives still. i haven't had grandparents for a long time now. my children do have three great grandparents though... on my husbands side of the family. it is amazing to see the different generations together.

    i couldn't see any of my in-law grandparents drinking red bull. funny thought.

    hope you had a great thanksgiving