Monday, November 24, 2008

Jealous Baby

Baby is so jealous when Jake gets on my lap,had to take the picture myself but look at those eyes, poor baby.


  1. Poor Baby, mommy still loves you too! ;o)

  2. My animals are all so jealous of each other too. If my dog climbs on my bed, my cat has to get up there too.

    If my son wants to cuddle, the cat has to get up in our laps.

    If I am playing with the cats, the dog has to get in on it.

    Aren't they cute?

  3. It is funny to watch animals get jealous.

    Those green eyes on your cat are insane.

    My blue heeler cries when my minpin jumps into my lap.

    The funniest thing is when my girlfriend comes over and gives me a hug the blue heeler actually barks at her!

    * The dog thinks the girls attacking me! hahahaa

    Great post,

    - Evan

  4. Baby has the beady eyes of "that lap will be mine very soon". We love shots that show interaction and little moments like this one. Priceless!

    Whicky Wuudler