Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blog Your Blessings

I have been thinking for hours what my blessings would be for today,the I remembered I went to my cancer doctor on Friday and all was o.k. go back in a year. My grandson finally got a good job, small towns have few jobs, I sent a picture of my cat to the paper and he got picked for the picture of the week,silly little things but to me blessings, they don't all have to be big, right?


  1. Wonderful BYB post! I need to get back into that better.

    Southern Gal Goes North
    Colors of the Woods

  2. Which one of those weren't a big blessing? I find the kitty photo a unique blessing especially -- doesn't happen to everyone's cat . . . you as the photographer were even a blessing to the cat for doing that!

    The photo in the next post is absolutely darling!

    Late in making my rounds today but finally here!

  3. Cats are such strange critters. To most people they seem aloof and finicky, but I've always thought of them as the most loving creatures there are.

  4. Well I am not a pet person but thank God for people like you that allow them into their lives.

  5. Waking up and seeing God's creation is more than enough for me as it shows that God gave me another day to enjoy life.

    In its simplicity, your post moved me. I'm equally happy for your blessings. ^_^