Monday, September 29, 2008


We can't forget BABY!


  1. Good morning, here to wish you a nice week. Your cat is being lazy like I was all weekend long. lol

  2. Oh my baby looks just like my SugarPuss that got lost a couple of months ago.

    She was on the road with my hubby alone in his rig. And he forgot to put her up for the night.

    She rolled down the windows and jumped out at Mahre's Island just north of San Fransisco.

    He's been back twice and searched and searched but couldn't find her.

    He feels really terrible about and on top of everything else he didn't have her collar on either.

    I hope she will somehow find her way home someday.

    Baby really makes me think of her. My other cat is also!!

    Thanks for the share...Baby is beautiful!!:-)

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    thanks for the comments ths cat is the sweetest cat i have ever had