Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Story

Once upon a time long ago this little girl did not know what her life was going to be like even as she got older always thinking nothing will ever happen to me as most people think, oh what a shock life was a living hell for several years after the age of seventeen until she turned thirty then just when ever thing was great and life was a bowl of cherries she found a lump in her breast and one of the the worst things you can hear a doctor say is, "you have cancer".

Well I was lucky I caught it in time and life went on with its ups and downs but my life was good then all at once fifteen years passed, one morning in the shower as always I was checking the breast I had left,oh no a lump, off to the same doctor he checked me and said "oh no its not cancer" this went on for six months finally I said no let's check it his reaction was oh well if it will make you happy and he set up a ultra sound and went on vacation,the nurse called me at work(she is not suppose to give out info) she said Louise I could lose my job but you are like family and have been coming here every six months for fifteen years so I will tell you it is Cancer.

I was upset but not really shocked we know our bodies best. She set up everything for surgery and as soon as the Dr. got home he did the surgery that should have been done six months before, the fact is he waited so long I had to go through chemo and my chest looks like (can't find a word to describe it) the point I am trying to make is ladies and men check your self, both mammograms showed no cancer they are not one hundred percent,you check and you go to the doctor and if you can,"YOU DONATE" to help find a cure ,many women and men die every day, I WAS BLESSED, it will be six years October 17, 2008

No I stopped going to that doctor six weeks later and just go to my oncologist once a year now.

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