Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Your Blessings

There is a wind to blow but does it have to be the north.
I woke up this morning but do I need to be so grouchy.
The only TV show I watch is house, for hubbies birthday daughter got him all three seasons on DVD.
We get a small vacation at the end of the week, do I really want to go, not sure.
Life is full of ups and downs I guess I should be blessed that we do adjust to all things sooner or later.
Everyone have a wonderful week.


  1. i love House also! go on the vacation!!!

  2. Sometimes we don't see the blessings for the "clutter."

    Adjustments are a way of showing our growth in life. I wish you many blessings to come and hope you enjoy your small vacation!

    PS I love HOUSE also.