Friday, May 30, 2008


Keep an Eye on your license plate. From a State Office:

A woman said her son found his license plate missing so he called the police to file a report. They told him people were stealing the plates to get free gas. Given the rise in gas prices, people have taken to stealing license plates, putting them on their car, then getting gas and running. The gas station will have "your" license plate # and you could be in trouble for "pump and run." Check your car periodically to be sure you still have a plate. If you should find it missing, file a report immediately!!! Keep an eye on your license plate! Make sure you always know it's there! When the license plate is reported as the"drive off vehicle", it's YOU they contact! Be aware!!!! Be aware of your license plates, most of us never look to see if the plates are there or not.

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  1. My plate was stolen last summer and put on a stolen car of same make and similar year. We reported it missing to the police in the nearby town. They took note of it, but since we live outside city limits, we had to report it at the sheriff's office. Since we live on the county line, a few days later we had a message on our voice mail from the sheriff in the next county that our car had been found abandoned and was in the impound yard. Actually, my car was in my driveway, but when my husband called to tell them that it wasn't our car in impound, they didn't much care. I wonder how long it took them to check the VIN number.