Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Friend

Today is fun day,my friend and I go to the casino, have breakfast and gamble a little, she is in the picture below, she came here from Germany with her American husband, at first I had a hard time with her accent but now I can understand just about everything, She is one of he best people I know will help anyone anyway she can. Anyways wish me luck baby needs a new toy, lol

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  1. Sorry to use space here but I lost your email asking about visiting NYC. Definitely go to Cenral Park, Times Square, and 42nd Street, as well as the Empire State Building.

    Also, go to the World Trade Center site, not for THOSE reasons, but take the PATH train to New Jersey one stop ($2.00 each way) and get out (Exchange Place). You will be right on the Hudson River looking back at Manhattan. A great place to walk, too!

    Have fun!