Saturday, March 8, 2008

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt: Different This is different because dogs and cats are not usually best friends, Leo and wildcat live together in the same house it is so much fun to watch them if you are lucky you can see them all curled up inside the house sleeping,everyone has seen that but me and I think its because I always take the camera with me. My first week at photo hunt,this could be fun.


  1. Welcome to Photo Hunt. I didn't find you from TnChick's, but came over from Paulie's BYB Sunday.

    It is so different how dogs and cats decide to get along. Our late dog Babe did not like the cats and they knew it. As she grew old and blind, they did not realize they could walk right past her and she wouldn't notice. They took eloborate routes over the desks and shelves to get past her.

  2. I love that my dog and cat get along so well! It was a rough few days getting them used to each other, but luckily my dog is friendly and my cat was only a few weeks old! You have very cute pets! (Check out my blog too if you ever have the time!)