Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog Your Blessings

I know it's Sunday and I know it's blog your blessings but I also also know it is one of the days that i ask how do I feel blessed today and the answer is I am sure, in lots of ways, but I have not figured out yet what it is today. The north wind is blowing fifty miles and hour and I guess it brought out the witch(bitch) in me. Jake is still sick, not really any better. I know there is a lot worse things then my cat being sick but lets say today is feel sorry for me day and its o.k. to that sometimes, so all you people out there have a blessed Sunday and good week ahead do what you can while you can and enjoy each moment because they slip away so fast.


  1. Sorry you are unhappy. When our pets are sick it is hard to cope because they cannot tell us what hurts or how bad they feel.

    Angels on your kitty.

  2. Here is wishing you a great week ahead...and Jake a speedy recovery!