Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog Your Blessings

I am sure I have many and have been blessed through out my life. Today I have a problem of feeling blessed after all that smoke yesterday I do find it hard to breath but if you look on the bright side I feel blessed that we have land that we grow rice on, not only are we blessed but the people who eat it are blessed that they can afford to buy food and not go hungry so I guess we are all blessed in one way or another, and a very happy Sunday to you my friend may your blessings be many.


  1. I had to read yesterday's post to know what smoke you were talking about! I have never heard about burning rice fields so I am learning something new. You have a very positive outlook on the "problem" with smoke!

  2. This is a lovely blessing. I hope the smoke subsides and that you are comfortable and that the rice crop continues to sustain many people. God bless, and thanks for stopping by today.

  3. I also learned something new about rice fields today...we have wild rice here in WI, which is all grown along the water up north...I have never actually seen a field.

    Hope the smoke smell fades soon, but what a wonderful blessing you have today and every day.

    Happy BYBS!

  4. Oh! hope the smoke is gone now and you can breathe easier.

    Have a great week ahead!