Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blog Your Blessings

Well lets say it has been a blessed week and a bad week, first off my Christmas shopping is done except for a few odds and ends,my family will all be here from, Florida, la, San Jose, berry creek and I guess that's it,the grand kids are getting older so no more babies. The bad part of the week I was working in the roses trying to get all cleaned up, only could happen to me a bee got me on the hand hurt like you would not believe my hand was swollen so bad my watch could not go over my fingers,well enough of that,last nite was my husbands Christmas party, was fun, do you know a girl named Megan that her and brother play a fiddle like wow,they were there since my husbands boss also owns broken bow records in Nashville, along with a few other country stars but my dang camera was not good in the dim light I did get one good picture of the fiddlers I will post tomorrow they have a new CD coming out the first part of 2008 I will say it is worth buying. Well everyone have a good Sunday and new week enjoy because they seem to be going very fast these days.


  1. Sorry about your bee bite. Do you use the rose leaves and hips? I have a wonderful recipe for rose mint potpourri if you would like it. I love fiddle music. Celtic Women have this little woman who dances around like an elf with a fiddle. Happy BYB Sunday.

  2. I hope the bee sting feels better now.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.