Saturday, November 17, 2007


Don't laugh,this is my grandson and flat Stanley,Stanley arrived yesterday in the mail,he is a project for a third grade class in Brownstown, Ill. he is on a field trip,trying to make all 50 states,you keep him for a week take pictures of him and things a third grader might enjoy then send your letter back but Stanley and his letter goes to another town, I won't to try and get some names of some who would do this,it can be fun for the kids I live in ca. it has come here from Tennessee we need a few more if you will do it,e-mail me your address to Thank you.

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  1. I did that with my class several times and once myself with an individual boy in CA. I took Stanley all over town and took photos of him and made a website for the kid when I had just one boy to do it with. It is so stormy and rainy now that I would not want to go out and take photos for it. I also did Invisible stanley -- 2nd book -- and made my Stanley's from laminating film with a balloon tied to his hand so you could tell where he was. That was fun! Unfortunately many of the people that said they wanted to participate did not send him back. Good luck with your project.