Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Since I am a two time survivor, (SO FAR) of breast cancer, October 17 will be 6 years for the last one, my blog will be pink for the month of October and I will post some pictures of different things people have given me although sometimes you would just like to forget about it,you can't sometimes when I look at myself I get very depressed but we must go on , If you can give a donation to help find a cure please do so in memory of a love one or just the LUCKY LADY. THANK YOU.


  1. That is wonderful! Congratulations on not only being a survivor but for showing the rest of us what it means to lead a strong life after the fact :)

  2. That is awesome -- not only that you are a survivor, but also your dedication to the cause. Both of my grandmas and 3 great aunts are breast cancer survivors! I appreciate those who help raise awareness. Thank you! <"3 )~

  3. everyone needs to help get the word out thank you ladies early detection means alot