Saturday, September 22, 2007


Autism does not have to put a limit on ones life. Meet my nephew Josh when he came with his mom and grandma to visit me in ca., they live in Tennessee. I must say the child was adorable just as sweet as could be. He is now 20, graduated from high school, had a few special classes but this is a child that his mother was told would never walk, talk, potty train etc. She never gave up and he has his problems but he can tell you anything you would like to know about a train so never give up just have patience the lord gave them to you to love not lock away in a institution. Josh and his sister went to the prom he had a ball. There is so much more but I was not around so I don't know all the details.


  1. How beautiful. Thanks for an inspirational, moving post.

    Happy blog your blessings Sunday.

  2. Happy Blog your Blessings Sunday and have a great week ahead!