Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Accident

On august 15,2006 at around 10;15 am. I fell and broke both my feet I was home by myself so yelling to the top of my lungs did not help then I remember I had my cell phone,I called 911 she told me to stop yelling, hello I have a foot popped out of socket and broken all up oh well finally we get the cops,firetrucks and guess who showed up last the ambulance,what a terrible ordeal tied down on a board screaming but refused morphine because I am so sensitive to medicine,my husband got here just as we were pulling out for the hospital 30 miles away,oh god just give me some water please I begged but of course they wouldn't I had been laying in the hot sun for at least an hour.so to make a long story short I was in surgery to put the foot back in place 3 hours later I was in surgery to put in two plates and around 15 screws, the other foot was cracked on the side,after two weeks it was put in a black boot,the hospital overdosed me so I almost died the only good thing out of that, what the insurance didn't pay I didn't have to,I did not want to sue. Tomorrow I may stay inside all day and I will post a couple of pictures after the cast came off. The worst part was learning to walk again. I still hurt and it still swells but for an old lady I do pretty good, I think.


  1. i'm sorry to hear about your terrible accident... i certainly hope you feel better!

  2. it has been a year still not well i doubt it will ever be completely but i walk and that helps to excerise it