Monday, July 9, 2007

They All Leave

Writer I am not,I have no new pictures but maybe I will put one on before I am through.Life is great but we do have our sad times, although we are to old to raise a child we had our grandson for the last two years,yesterday he left in his pickup to go work about two hours from here he will be back on weekends but the" pain in the but" he could be I will miss him. Today my brother and wife leave for the road, they have been here two months I will miss them so much, we walked two miles every day and my old broken feet were feeling better, well everyone has their own way two go. I remember as the kids left and how sad those days were,all will be o.k. with just the two of us for a while, most of the time by myself because my husband works till at least 8:P.M. each night and in the car business sometimes a lot later,o.k. enough of feeling sorry for my self off to the casino I go. lol

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