Tuesday, June 19, 2007

250 Credits

If you can find out who did the messages talked about below I will send you 250 credits because with people like that I don't think I want to blog anymore.


  1. Hi,
    that sucks when cowards do that. I don't know exactly how to trace them but here is an article relating to laws about annoying trolls

  2. they seem very similar in nature to these COMMENTS left at my site.

    of course, no one could be sure who leaves an anonymous comment and I am not pointing any fingers, but I can do easy math just like the next guy.

  3. People who tend to hide behind the anon name are the ones that most likely fear confrontation and want the feel powerful, yet forget to leave their name so now we don't know who wants to be powerful.
    If I were to send hate comments, I'd leave a name, and have an actual reason to leave hate comments.

    Keep up the good work. Don't let this one person affect you, they need to be removed from society.

  4. I got almost the same thing on my blog yesterday, only 28 times. I was on Blog Explosion when it happened.

  5. I too got some nasty comments (which I deleted) but they said many of the same things, same words, said they wished Faith would die, etc... I was appalled also. I too was on BE when it happened! BTW, I LOVE your baby!!!! :)

  6. Keep the credits. I had 40 comments I had to delete. Mine came from this guy. He left mostly anon comments but in the end he signed in. I complained to BlogExplosion (he came over through Battle of the Blogs), but haven't heard back yet.

  7. DO NOT QUIT or he WINS.

    This happens more often in YouTube and the best thing to do is just delete and ignore - then track their IP address - then find a hacker who's up to the challenge. I kid of course.

    The internet isn't as anonymous as it seems. I've tracked a few people that way from my website. Didn't do anything about it, but casually mentioned that my new shoutbox on my web site has the IP address of everyone that posts.

    Hadn't had a hater comment on my website since.

  8. I think all of you should notify BE about this. It sounds like everyone is getting hit while on there. They'd have a vested interest as they don't want to lose customers. Know what I mean? Good luck

  9. its the chip guy.
    can i get 25 credits, not more not less...

  10. I use anonymous, but that is my username.


  11. Probably a spam bot that has found an exploit in the blogexplosion site, or just a twisted person who enjoys creating anger.

    Best advice for a blog is learn how to hit the delete button and prefilter all post comments. You may also have a spam killer that would look for words like that in a post and auto delete them.

    Don't waste good time looking for this hack, jsut enjoy posting and keepup the nice site. www.homeinterest.us/blog