Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two Broken Feet

This is the story of how I broke both my feet one lady wanted to know. I was outside working in the yard and I took a wagon load of palm clippings back to the edge of the rice field to burn then I started back shovel in one hand wagon in the other somehow i dropped the wagon tongue and fell over it twisted my feet around pulled the left foot out of the socket and shattered the bones.

I was home by myself but remembered I had my cell phone,called 911 it took about 30 minutes for the firetrucks, police and the the ambulance to get here,my husband got her as the ambulance was heading for the next town 30 miles away with me screaming bloody murder, so I get there they knock me out put the bone joint back in place cast it 3 hours later surgery 2 plates 7 screws the other one just got a big black boot,the hospital overdosed me and almost killed me but what the insurance didn't pay I didn't have to with just one letter a lot more to the story but this is enough with a few pictures.

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