Thursday, May 31, 2007

My T-Bird

This was my car before my grandson came to live with us and then I got the explorer, very nice but for some reason today is the first time I really missed the bird, guess it is feel sorry for me day because


  1. I would be missing my t-Bird too if I had let it fly away from me. I'm a sucker for Mustangs and T-Birds.

  2. What a beautiful car! I would miss it also. I'm stuck with the minivan... Anyway, just stopping by, (well actually I always stop by, but never comment, shame on me! Anyway... (again) I wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful onesies... they are the best! Faith absolutely loves them, she adores the pink minnie one especially! Thanks again,
    and big hugs from me and Faith.


  3. when did I ever leave a rude comment on your blog?

  4. Maddog said...
    if seeing a bird's nest constitutes 'fun' then you really should consider moving to the city.

    maybe not mean but it was snotty

  5. maddog11:42 PM

    It was meant tongue in cheek, my dear. No meanness intended.