Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bird's Nest

Maddog said...
If seeing a bird's nest constitutes 'fun' then you really should consider moving to the city.

LUCK LADY answers...

It does not take take much for me to have fun, you see I am a too time cancer survivor so being alive is fun for me, and little things I see mean more to me I guess enjoy your city life.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Different things bring joy and entertainment to people. I personally love bird nests. They're very beautiful. Keep posting what makes you happy, and let maddog crawl back in his kennel.

  2. Some people can't appreciate people who appreciate the things nature has to offer. I, for one, and my children , for 4 more.. enjoy everything about nature.
    Animals, the sunshine, the rain, the flowers blooming.. the squirrels in the yard... whatever it is that nature has given us is a blessing that should never be overlooked.

    However, it IS recommended that a mad dog be shot *snickers*

  3. Ummm I said "4" children.. what was I thinking??!! Change that to 5 :-)