Crane walking around outside the window

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Sandee said…
We see these all the time at our boat. They are so fun to watch.

Great shot.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Lucky Lady said…
He was out there for a long time and then flew away, was fun watching :)
Angel and Kirby said…
WE see them at the park in the lake!.
That's a Heron.
Are you sure that isn't just a gander that has had his neck stretched so he can take a better gander at things?
Lucky Lady said…
Antonette could be we just call them cranes - Jerry could be in disguise looking for something out here in the country Angel and Kirby we see lots of different ones fun living in the country
Dana said…
What a cool sight!
Lucky Lady said…
Dana thanks for stopping by :)

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