check this out I think I know what baby is now tell me what you think Posted by Picasa


Dana said…
Whatever breed, your cat is beautiful! Really nice picture. ☺

Happy Monday!
Angel and Kirby said…
I thought of Baby when I saw that article! He looks just like that other kitty!
Sandee said…
Baby is always a great big Awww!

I think Baby is a Nebelung too.

Have a terrific Awww...Monday. :)
Jody J said…
Awww......that is an awesome photo of Baby.

Happy Awww...Monday honey :-)


God bless,
Mike Golch said…
cute.I enjoyed the link.
He is handsome, even if he is no particular breed!
Pu Niao said…
Beautiful cat, and I love how the feline stood at attention too xD
Kathe W. said…
could be- Baby is beautiful! Have a great week!

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