Friday, April 24

Feline Friday

My daughters cat

Wednesday, April 22

Wordless Wednesday

My 5 year old orchid is going crazy,It is beautiful, number 7 bloom was open this morning

Monday, April 13

Aww Monday

"Wild CAT"
That is what I named her because she really is a wild cat altho she was Babys cousin,her mom was crazy, you could not get around her, try to feed the babies she would hide them,once I found them in a rusted out old gas can,so mom and siblings are all gone but this one stayed around, she is around 8 years old, once she ran the dog out of his house and had babies in the dog house,fun to watch he "Leo" the big lab never got his house back until she was ready to leave it, they were best friends,so after that we finally caught her in a trap and her fixed,she comes every morning for food and hangs around if we are out sitting in the swing but that is it, Just a beautiful wildcat.

Sunday, April 12

Sunday, March 29

Hummingbird Moth Natures Incredible Mimic!

This was in my yard was not sure what it was until a friend on facebook told me,she had one last year and looked it up

Saturday, February 28

Sunny Saturday

I took this yesterday about one hour before the Hail storm

Friday, February 27

Thursday, February 26

Wednesday, February 25

A great gift

I got this for my birthday- Graze, 15 boxes I chose every 2 weeks,my first one came yesterday and it is very good

Tuesday, February 24

Monday, February 23

Sunday, February 22

Lazy Sunday

Another one of Jakes favorite places

Saturday, February 21


Not everything in the country is good especially if you see them in day light

Friday, February 20

Feline Friday

Jake always gets behind my plants to sun 

Thursday, February 19


A very foggy Wednesday morning 

Wednesday, February 18

Joy of country living

Look out my bed room window,there is a big balloon,not in the city only in the country

Tuesday, February 17

Birds are here !

My new bird house love watching them