Thursday, July 17

Big tractor

Neighbors getting ready to plant trees, cows are gone

Monday, July 14

Aww Monday

Jake watching all the birds outside

Monday, June 30

Aww Monday

Another nest full and 6 eggs in another nest

Wednesday, June 25

My husband and his 92 year old mother on June 4,2014 going out for his birthday.She had been with us 6 weeks, passed away on June 20,2014, I had not been on blogging much but hope to get back to normal soon and catch up with everyone.

Saturday, June 21


Help, We need food and then mom flew on the nest and fed them

Friday, June 20

Feline Friday

Porky is my daughters cat and she was Baby's cousin

Thursday, June 19


Growing so fast

Wednesday, June 18


One hungry little bird

Tuesday, June 17

6 Eggs = 6 Birds

These are the ones that was in the rose bush

Monday, June 16

Aww Monday

Have you ever seen anything like this?
Baby bird hatching

Sunday, June 15

Nest in tree stump

This bird has made her nest in the stump of the tree, you can sit and watch her go in and out feeding her young,what fun this is.

Friday, June 13

Feline Friday the 13th-scary cat

Wednesday, June 11

Taken this morning, they grow so fast

Tuesday, June 10

Look what I found in the rose bushes, there is going to be more babies

Monday, June 9

Look what I just found

The joy of living in the country,made my day !!!

aww Monday

Thursday, May 29

Jake snoozing

Things are a little rough and I have not been blogging much but don't forget about me, I will be back soon

Monday, April 28