Monday, March 17

Aww Monday

Not, but kinda looks like Baby

Friday, March 14

Feline Friday

Jake watching the birds ♥

Monday, March 10

Aww Monday

Dove in her nest

Sunday, March 9

Happy Sunday

The Dove was so beautiful sitting up there watching the other one working on the nest

Friday, March 7

Feline Friday

Jake tries to be nice now that Baby is gone and I think he misses him

Monday, March 3

Aww Monday

Wildcat looking in the window

Sunday, March 2


We finally got rain, someone in town snapped this at the right moment to get the lighting

Friday, February 28

Feline Friday

Monday, February 24

Aww Monday

It has been 7 weeks since he left us, still miss him

Sunday, February 23

Sundays Find

The birds are building their nest !

Saturday, February 22


Fun way to find out you are going to be Great Grand parents again,it came in the mail a few days ago

Tuesday, February 18

sooo cute

A friend took this,too cute not to share

Monday, February 17

Aww Monday

I sure miss those days, they were fun, he was always doing something silly

Friday, February 14

Feline Friday

This is when he was young,I bought this basket,came home put everything on the counter and set down to eat lunch looked around and there he was in the basket just like this♥sure miss that lil guy♥